Thursday, 8 December 2011

Christmas Break

So thats it for 2011.  Due to my heavy workload in December and time contraints I've decided to have a little holiday from the blogging and do some work behind the scenes.

I do hope you've enjoyed what we've had to offer you in the past 6 months.  Please come back in January when I will return with bigger and better posts to inspire you Lancashire Brides.

Have a Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year x

Wednesday, 7 December 2011

A Winter Wonderland Inspiration Board

If you're planning a Winter or Christmas Wedding then this inspiration board will be right down your street.  Filled with unique ideas and wintry props its bound to get your imagination working overboard. 

You all know how I love doing unusual things to chairs (well, it is my job!), so I just couldn't resist this photo of the chair wreaths.  You know those wishing trees where your wedding guests can leave you good wishes notes?  Well why not use a Christmas Tree instead? Your venue will probably already have one up, so not only is it a unique idea but its also practical and cost-effective. 

Winter is also a great time to make use of our natural resources.  So for you DIY brides, pine cones, holly and berries etc can come in very handy.  To make sure you get the look right it is often worth bringing in an expert to achieve the right look without it looking like A Nightmare Before Christmas.  Simply Bows and Chair Covers are more than happy to help with this and can also recommend other experts in the industry to help you get the look just right.

Monday, 5 December 2011

A Delicious Bouncy Castle Inspired Shoot: Part 2

So here are the photos I promised of me and the other half fooling around on his bouncy castle  Considering what she had to work with I think Joanne Spencer has produced some pretty funny photos!

Remember this was a completely DIY photoshoot with no hair and make up artist and me wearing a £30 dress from the Littlewoods Catalogue shop, bargain!

As you can probably tell, we're not natural models but I'm pretty happy wiht the results.  Plus we all get some great photos to add to our websites/albums that we normally wouldn't have had the chance to achieve.


Friday, 2 December 2011

A Delicious Bouncy Castle Inspired Shoot

I am always keen to be involved in photoshoots.  Not only is the outcome fantastic but so much fun is had creating something that you don't normally get to do.  For me I am keen to show that Simply Bows and Chair Covers are not just for weddings but we can create a fun look for any event, whether it be for a corporate party or christening.

The idea behind this shoot came to me when my other half set up his bouncy castle business Chorley Bouncy Castles.  I wanted to combine both businesses to create something fun.  So we larked about on the bouncy castle, dressed in alternative wedding gear (photos coming next week) and then I created a few table set ups to compliment the look of the bouncy castle, i.e. bright, fun and exciting!

We use many materials in our line of business but for once I wanted to do something different and fun with them, so we incorporated stripes and harlequin patterns along with bright organzas to bring it all together.  I even enjoyed a trip to Blackpool to buy candyfloss, rock and lollipops for props. 

The very talented Joanne Spencer was kind enough to shoot it for me, who tried her best to get me and the other half to look half decent whilst posing and throwing ourselves around on a bouncy castle!

Park Hall in Chorley very kindly lent us the use of one of their function rooms for the day and we also took advantage of their gigantic outside chess board.  I just love the shots that Joanne Spencer managed to create below!

Remember to check out the blog next week to see the photos of us larking about on the bouncy castle- thats if the other half lets me put them on!

With thanks to
Perfect Parties for providing the balloons.