Monday, 20 February 2012

A DIY Bridal Wrist Corsage from Blush Rose

After to the huge and fantastic response we had a few weeks ago to Blush Rose' feature, I am so happy to announce that they are back on the blog, and this time with a DIY guide to making your own corsage.  Enjoy!
So with all you brides anticipating your grand day, I decided to create a step by step DIY wrist corsage. I fondly remember having one of these when I was maid of honour for my sister’s wedding. Because I had so much to do I needed to have it permanently on me at all times as I was afraid I would put the bouquet down at the ceremony and leave it there.
So here goes….
Brides are you ready?
 I am using
2 Large Cream Rose’s
Green Foliage (eucalyptus)
Gypsophila     (filler)
Florists wire and tape
And a jewelled bracelet with ribbon and corsage base.
Before we start making the corsage, we need to prepare the flowers first. Cut all the flowers short.  Then, tape each Flower with floral wire. This makes it easier to shape them according to the direction you want. Cut the leaves separately, too.

In making the wrist corsage, the first thing to do is to tape the main flowers together. So, I take the 2 cream roses and tape them together using the floral tape. Then add the foliage bit by bit.

As you start to add more fillers keep taping them together. Keep twisting your design so you are able to see it from all angles.

Cut the corsage down to the base and start to attach the corsage to the base of the bracelet with the ribbons.

This bit can be tricky but persevere (a handy hint is you can use floral glue which will not damage the flowers)….

And hey presto 

You have yourself a lovely bridal corsage…
Here is how it looks on as one of our models shows here.

If you wish for us to design flowers for your special day please do contact us. I (Clare) or a member of my team will be only too happy to create your dream day.  We are a top Lancashire and Manchester florist for vintage weddings


  1. Can you make one for my prom? I am looking for a bright colour like bright pink?
    Can you contact me at

    Thank you

    1. I will email you now Katie,
      Glad you like it

  2. this is lovely! might have to try this for my prom aswell xxx

  3. It's a fab idea isn't it- going to try it myself! x

  4. Great post but rather leave this to the experts.