Monday, 13 February 2012

How To: Grow Your Hair In Time For Your Wedding

By Emma Coppock of Wedding Belles, Lancashire.

So, the big day is finally booked and your mind is filled with exciting plans of what the next few weeks/months or maybe years will have in store for you and your fiance!!! There are many things you will be able to control, whether it be timescales, budget, colour scheme or bridesmaids but unfortunately there are always those things you can’t weather, hormones and maybe the mother in law ;).  My job is simply to help move a few things over to the ‘stress free’ column of that ever extending ‘to-do’ list! However I won’t be touching on the details of your wedding, I’m concentrating on you, THE BRIDE, it’s time to indulge ladies!!

I will be giving advice and tips on the beauty essentials in the run up to your big day covering everything from hair and make-up to tanning and skincare!! If you have any questions please head over to @weddingbelles1 on Twitter.

This week I am looking at let’s assume you have always dreamt of beautiful flowing locks or a fabulous top knot of Rapunzel-length hair, however a week before your boyfriend proposes you have a moment of pure braveness and return home with the ever gorgeous POB (posh spice bob) – devastation! (this may sound like a story but believe’s my story)

Don’t panic - your hair WILL grow!!! Phew!! Hair grows at an average of ½ to 1 inch per month but there is a few things you can do to help the process.

  1. Regular trims every 6 weeks will get rid of dead ends and help the hair grow healthier.

  1. Try and limit use of heated appliances, they will break your hair if overused (the exact opposite of what you are trying to achieve)

  1. Hot Oil treatments and head massages increase blood flow to the hair follicles, promoting the hair to grow faster.

  1. Vitamins B & E can help the hair grow faster so try taking these supplements. However Vitamin B can be found in the following foods: Banana’s, Potato’s, Tuna & Avocado's.

  1. Keep calm.....stress is one of the main factors of hair loss!!
Remember, if you suit your hair short...keep it short don’t always follow convention, many salons offer trials so have one and make the most of it!! And if all else fails.....there’s some fabulous hairpieces around these days...ask your stylist to help source these for you. Take a look at the ‘ever-changing’ Sienna Millers locks to see that you can go from short too long in the time it takes to....plan a wedding???

Sienna took 2 years to grow her short crop out.

And if all else fails....FAKE IT!!!

Hiuge thanks to Emma for this highly informative peice, we'll be posting more of Emma's how to's over the weeks so if you enjoy them and find them useful then please let us know by commenting.  Have a happy Monday and make sure you check the blog at 10am tomorrow morning for a wedding to die for!

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