Monday, 11 July 2011

The Financially Savvy Bride

Now I am not going to try and brainwash you with a guide to cutting down your wedding and compromising the important things.  We all know that this is the biggest day of your life and we all deserve the best.  So instead of asking yourself if you really need that fourth course of Cheese & Biscuits just be vigilent and start thinking of other ways to save and make money.  Here is my top guide on how to be financially savvy, so if you want those diamond encrusted Louboutins then go ahead and get them!

1. Credit Cards
Some would say they are the root of all evil but use them properly and they do have their uses.  If you pay for items costing between £100- £30,000 then you are protected by Section 75 of the Consumer Credit Act 1974.  This means that if your honeymoon airline goes bust or the florist that you booked and paid a deposit for months in advance goes under that you can claim back these costs from the credit card company.  Just make sure you pay the credit card off at the end of the month before you start incurring charges!

Some credit cards also give you money back as you spend, such as the American Express Platinum Cashback card which offers customers a top 5% cashback rate for the first 3 months spending of upto £2000. Giving you extra spends for your wedding, just make sure you pay it off at the end of the month or the cashback will be completely pointless.  The Ryanair Credit Card allows you at earn upto 5 'bonus flights.'  This relies on the matter that you spend a certain amount of money within a certain timespan, but use it properly and pay it of monthly and you could get free honeymoon flights.  However, these bonus flights are for european destinations only and there is also red tape so check the t's & c's before you commit.

2. Stoozing
Stoozing is the affectionate name given by the chaps at Money Saving Expert to making free money of 0% Credit Cards.  Read Martin Lewis' guide to find out more  WARNING this is only for the very financial confident ladies out there.

3. Tesco Clubcard
Tesco Clubcard points can be exchanged for 3 times their value with certain partners.  Why not use them at Goldsmiths to purchase your wedding rings or they also have a very good holiday section for your honeymoon/hen do.

4.  ISAS
Cash ISAs allow every adult in the UK to put £5340 in savings, tax free.  Use an ISA with a good interest rate and this will give you a healthy return.  Just make sure you get one with good accessibility as you dont want to be waiting for your money for 2 months!

5.  Mystery Shopping
Mystery shopping will not make you a lot of money but be clever about it and it could contribute towards your wedding.  As a former member of mystery shopping group I was often offered jobs for overnight stays which could be tied in with hen/stag dos.  Many high street stores also use retail eyes meaning that the little bits and peices that you need could potentially be free with a little payment on the side too. 

6.  Wedding Fayres (see our Wedding Fayre calendar for whats on)
Get smart when it comes to the fayres.  Do your research and find out whose attending what fayre and when.  If theres a certain supplier you want to book or an item you want, find out what fayres they will be at.  Chances are that they will be running some sort of special offer, which will only run on the day of the fayre so be prepared and take your chequebook!

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