Thursday, 1 March 2012

Whats In Bloom? A Guest Blog from Blush Rose

My flower features with Blush Rose seem to be going down a storm with you guys so I am so happy to bring you another guest post from the fabulous lancashire florist.  Clare talks to us about in season spring flowers.  When planning your wedding, it's quite handy to research what flowers are in season at the time of your wedding as they will be the cheapest.

"Well Spring will be in the air before we know it.  And we can start to dust off the cobwebs of this cold wet winter and everything is starting to awaken. So here at Blush Rose we will go through what we can expect for the spring flowers to come.

New spring Brides will embrace the start of a new season and all the flower markets will be cascading with all the spring wedding flowers, as you can imagine (they are in stock as we write this blog). Here are just a few on a list of spring flowers that you will come across over the coming months
Narcissus ~ (bright yellows)
Hyacinths ~ (blue, white, pink highly scented)
Freesias ~ (yellow, white, purple pink)
Tulips ~ (all colours)
Ranunculi's ~ (all colours)
This is only to name a few.
So as spring comes to life the colours exploding I have picked two colours and flowers themes.
The first is yellow as I feel that yellow is the best colour to express spring time….."
"The next is Tulips I love working with tulips and they are so easy to work with if you decide to arrange your own flowers… Buying lots of vases or containers and fill easily with tulips. I remember a bride and groom who adored tulips and they were displayed everywhere. I have to say it looked fresh and magical.
And here is how you could use tulips to style your wedding."
If you have any questions about spring time flowers (or another season) leave your comment below and if we get enough, Clare and I will do a 'Question Time' style feature very soon!
We look forward to hearing from you!

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  1. I so love the flowers. It's really lovely and elegant. Thanks for sharing this post.