Monday, 16 January 2012

Its That Time Of Year Again...

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So its January and for many that means diets, detox's and gym regimes.  However, my diet and regime is not for my personal health but for my business.  I have never been so compassionate about anything in my life and I am determined that 2012 will be MY year.  I love the wedding industry, albeit it can be a little bitchy at times but what is life without gossip?!  On the otherhand I have met so many inspiring and creative people that I wouldn't swap it for the world.  So here is a list of my New Years Resolutions and (without giving too much away) my business objectives.

-  I want to finish the year with 30 weddings under my belt
- I want to continue blogging regularly (several times a week)
- The major one... To become self employed and run the business full-time- eek! This will also mean I can dedicate more time to blogging in order to achieve my next goal...
-  Once my readership for Lancashire Bride is strong enough I want to start taking sponsorship and donating half to a local Lancashire charity.
- To join a business network (scary but they remind me of being in the brownies!) and make some more great and local contacts.
- I want (NEED) to spend more time on marketing.  My lovely Mum bought me an amazing marketing book for Christmas and I am determined to follow its rules from cover to cover.  Starting this week!

Daunting, yes, but very achievable.  So raise your glass to the next 12 months.  Cheers.

Remember to check out the blog this afternoon when I'll be showcasing more photos from this little cracker of a wedding...

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