Sunday, 28 August 2011

The Big Debate: To Cover Or Not To Cover?

After starting off a debate on the Facebook page of Wedding Ideas Magazine over chair covers, I felt the urge to rush to their defence (understandably so!).  The debate started when we were featured in the latest issue of Wedding Ideas Magazine with the opening line "There is absolutely no excuse for boring reception chairs!"  One lady took offence to this and decided to write to this effect on the fab magazines Facebook wall how she thought chair covers were a waste of money and the biggest con in the wedding industry!  She was quickly put down with comments on how chair covers can not only transform a room and create a theme but they also cover up ugly chairs.

So heres my reasoning on why I think chair covers are necessary.  I may be bias but remember this is just my opinion and an opinion I am bound to have!

- In a dark room white chair covers are fantastic for brightening up a room. Just look at these pictures for proof.  


- They can be used to incorporate your theme, such as these vintage ones.

 - Or they can add a gorgeous splash of colour to your wedding.

- Many Brides base their theme around their chair covers.  When they see the gorgeous two tone crystal organza colours we have to offer, many brides fall in love with a specific colour and then their theme follows.

- Its not just plan white covers that we have to offer either.  Alternatives can be provided in black, butter or these gorgeous jacquard vintage covers below.  Bespoke covers can also be provided.

  - Chair covers are not only pretty but useful too as most wedding venues have one set off, which tend to be, hideously coloured chairs and chair covers can hide these.
So if you're with me on this, heres a few reasons why you should book Simply Bows and Chair Covers for your wedding:
- We visit the venue to make sure our chair covers fit the venues chairs.  And we prefer it if you're there too.
- We take the time to discuss your theme and ideas, to think up something unique and special for your day.
-  All our chair covers are hand pressed before an event.
- We personally deliver and fit the chair covers ourselves, so you don't have to do it on your big day.  Its our job to make sure they look perfect.
- After the event, we will collect all the linen, meaning there is no extra hassle for you.
- Our company has hundreds of fantastic testimonials, and surely they speak for themselves!
"Just had to email you to say thank you for the gorgeous chair covers and table runners.  They were exquisite! We couldn't get over how nice the room looked with them on and what a difference it made!" 

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