Tuesday, 23 August 2011

A Taste of Lancashire: Claire Ogden Designs

Hi Claire, please introduce yourself and your line of business.

I am Claire Ogden, a Jewellery Designer based in the quaint hills of Saddleworth, in the UK, I create exquisite pieces that are individual and unique in their own right! My work stands out from the rest.  Wedding Jewellery and bespoke design are the aspects I really LOVE! I relish in the fact that my bridal jewellery is so very unique and the finishing touch to the very perfect day! I enjoy working together with my clients and giving them what they are expecting and much more.

All of my products have been created to infuse each piece with a sense of individuality, boldness and an impression made to last. ‘Once seen never forgotten’ philosophy! 

 I love to make a difference and create jewellery that shines through and gets noticed but designing each piece to last the decades and be wearable for a lifetime. All of my jewellery, wedding jewellery and hair accessories are made using the highest quality materials, I carefully handpick very small quantities to ensure you an exclusive design with limited materials made individually just for you.

 How did you get into this line of business?

I am just too creative, I have too much creative energy and needed to find something to satisfy all my bubbling creativeness! It began because I just couldn’t find the perfect accessories to make my look complete so I gave it a go and made them, from then it seems to have spiralled into Claire Ogden Designs!

Can you provide bespoke pieces?

I most certainly can!! I create a lot of bespoke pieces both bridal and non-bridal and have a lot of repeat business too.

What is your favourite piece?

This is hard to answer because I have the handmade jewellery side and the bridal side, I have to admit though that my tiaras impress me time and time again and I would have to say I would choose one of those, but I LOVE the Alice in Wonderland brooches and bracelets too!

 How much time goes into making the pieces?

Bridal pieces take time, there is a lot involved from sourcing the materials / researching the theme / era /period and creating the design, speaking with the bride to be and drawing up sketches which all takes place before the piece is created. Once the piece has been completed (which can take between 4-7hrs depending on how intricate the piece is) there are also photographs taken and sent. The finished result is always worth all the effort!

 Can you give us an idea of prices?

Hair Combs from £40 to £85.
Small Tiaras / Headband Styles from £75
Larger Tiaras from £85
Intricate Tiaras from £130
Bespoke designs prices vary but I do work to your budget and the price you want to pay.

Where can we find you?

I have an amazing blog (www.claireogdendesigns-theblogspot.blogspot.com) where you can find me and everything about me here, this also leads to my online shop. I am currently creating a new website which will be live very soon. I am always only an email or phone call away (claireogdendesigns@gmail.com) (07538 564277)

I promote my work a lot of time through word of mouth, I work a lot with social media and try to break into new circles and alternative networks by featuring in lots of different places. You can always find me on Twitter (@cogdendesigns) and my blog has become very successful and is the backbone for pushing me forward.  I run a couple of fabulous blog posts each week (Who to Know and One to Watch), which focus on other businesses in the wedding industry or creative individuals who simply need to be shouted out about.  I am currently creating a new website which will be live very soon and am in the process of producing promotional CD’s.

I also sell on other stores/websites I sell on Folksy and Etsy, WOW Thank You, Kellyeyes Boutique, By Gina Jewellery, Precious Creations, Hastings Crystal and Mootiful in Macclesfield, I do have a couple more lined up. I am currently working with Kosibah (Wedding Dress/Couture Gown Designer) creating headpieces for the new 2011 collection, the fashion show is due to go live on 01 September in London. My new website is www.claireogdendesigns.com which will be live before the end of the month!

Lancashire Bride were blown away when we first saw these images.  They are so intricate and unbelievable pretty and perfect for for any bride to be.  The enthusiasm and love for her work is definitely shown in the end result.  I can't wait to see more from this lady! x

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