Sunday, 7 August 2011

Hen Party Tips

  1. Hen Parties are a brilliant time to get to know everyone who is attending the wedding, so make sure the party is sociable.  A class such as cocktail making or cupcake decorating would be ideal.  Revolution Bars run brilliant cocktail parties, that I can personally vouch for, and you get food thrown in too! 
  2. Don't get carried away too quickly! Its fine to have a few drinks on the night, but don't let yourself (or the Bride) get too drunk too quickly! You won't be able to remember the night you have spent ages planning.
  3. Make sure that the event you are planning is suitable for all your guests.  Theres nothing worse than inviting the bride to be Mother-In-Law to a bar crawl.  Think about having two hen parties- a civilized one and a more racous occasion for the party animals!
  4. If you're planning on going abroad for the hen party consider using a company such as Red Seven Leisure. You get a dedicated party expert and each hen can personally manage their monthly installments so that you aren't left in charge of nagging people for money! 
  5. Planning the hen party the night before the wedding is a thing of the past. What bride wants to be tired and hungover on their big day?
  6. Consider package deals, most companies throw in extras to make it more tempting, suchas champagne on arrival and free entry into clubs.
  7. Some companies run special offers where the bride goes free or where larger groups get one place free so do your research.
  8. Finally (and most importantly), make sure you find out what the bride wants to do!

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