Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Hen Party Inspiration

Recently, myself and my gaggle of friends went to watch the highly hilarious film, Bridesmaids.  Obviously featured around a wedding but mainly the hen party lead up, the film gave me great inspiration.

The Parisian themed Bachelorette party was just exquisite (if not a little over the top!) and inspired the following moodboard.

Pictures with thanks to and

Etsy has lots of different stockists and came up with so many ideas and a lot of them (like the Thank You cards on the favour boxes and the trims on the flower jar) can be added to anything so you can give any peice of decor that Parisian twist! 

How cute are the Ballerina gift bags, a perfect and fun alternative to hand out instead of favours.  We also came accross The English Rose Bakery, based right here in The North West.  Their macoroons are to die for and could even be given out in the favour boxes.

While were on the subject off favours, just try not to get carried away and give out puppies as favours (ala Bridesmaids The Movie).

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