Monday, 21 November 2011

Disney Fairytale Weddings

I have something to confess to you all.  I am a MAHOOSIVE Disney fan.  I've even been harbouring two Mickey and Minnie champagne flutes for my own big day. So when I came across the website for Disney Weddings, imagine my excitement!

Now I know Disneyland is a far strech from Lancashire but when the brochure dropped through my letterbox I just couldn't resist telling you all about it.  Ever since I was a little girl, I have imagined myself marrying my very own Prince Charming in the pink Disney castle.  Yes, I was a little disappointed to find out that you can't actually get married in there but I got over that when I saw the rest of the brochure.

Disney organise weddings at 4 locations: Florida, California, Hawaii and on their magnificent Cruise Liner. Each location has different collections depending on whether you want an intimate affair or a wedding that meets all your princess wishes.  Use this link to see a collection comparison for each location and find out what each collection offers.

 Disney also have inhouse wedding planners and services to pander to your every need.  At Florida, Franck's Bridal Studio- a re-creation of Franck's studio from the hit Touchstone movie "Father of the Bride" - showcases all of Disney's Fairy Tale Weddings' offerings in a Victorian summerhouse setting. The planning studio is elegantly styled with French provincial furniture and antique portraits in gilt. Classical music plays quietly in the background.  Brides-to-be can meet with their Disney Wedding Specialist to select all the elements that comprise their storybook wedding: music, entertainment, photography, candelabras, centerpieces, sample specialty linens, fresh floral arrangements, world-class cuisine, cakes and guest books.

Once you have chosen your location, you then have an abundance off venues to choose from.  Have your reception in the actual theme park, or choose from one of many beautiful terraces or lavish Ballrooms.  As always with Americans, Disneys have weddings off to a tee.  So if its those special touches that make you go gaga for weddings then Disney is your place. 

But with all this choice I'm not quite sure how one will ever decide!

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