Tuesday, 29 November 2011

A Taste of Lancashire: Shutterleaf Photography

Today we have a lovely man on the blog, who goes by the name of Anurag Sharma, also known as Shutterleaf Photography.   When Anurag sent over a selection of his recent work, I was blown away.  Here is just a small selection that I chose, so I hope you'll enjoy them as much as I did.  Over to Anurag...

"My name is Anurag Sharma & I run ShutterLeaf Photography. I am based in the village of Wrea Green about 3 miles from Lytham, in Lancashire. Weddings are all about love, about friends, about family, about the moments, about the day, about a story. I take pictures that tell that story."

 How did you get into photography?

"I guess I've always loved what photographs represent. A photograph says so much about the human condition. They are not just throwaway things. They have purpose. They give you a glimpse of a specific moment in time. They remain when all else goes.

I started getting serious about photography back in 2008. This was 2 years after the birth of my first child and around the time of the birth of my second. I put down the reason that I am a full time photographer purely down to my two daughters. I am very conscious of how important time is to us. It is the most precious commodity of all. We can't get it back but we can reflect on it. We can see it again. The memory of moments. The still beauty of images is such a driver to our imagination. It elates us and saddens. It makes us laugh and weep. It makes us belong from afar. My family is one of my two loves in life. The other is photography."

Where can we find you and which areas do you cover?

"I live in Wrea Green, a village near Lytham. Ribby Hall is about a mile away and The Villa Country Hotel about 800 yards. I cover the whole of the UK with most weddings I shoot being based in Lancashire. I've shot weddings in Tatton Park, near Manchester, and The Majestic, in Harrogate, so I have no issues with travelling out of the county."

Apart from weddings, can you offer anything else? 

"My services extend from doing engagement shoots with provision for some beautiful signing boards, through to catching the fun and the love enjoyed on a wedding day. After the great day, I provide a personal viewing session, if convenient. I always hold hope for a future baby shoot – ahem. :-)

My aim is simple, to tell a story...to tell your story."

You know how I love a good Rock The Frock shoot and these photos just prove my point.  The shoots are the perfect time to wear your dress again AND get some alternative photos that you would never achieve on your wedding day.

What is your photography style?

"In essence my style is documentary in nature with time included to take formal bridal and couple portraits and a maximum of 5 group shots. Your wedding day is not the photographer's day therefore I try and keep interruptions to a minimum and let my couples enjoy the time with their friends and family. This mixture of a documentary style with a sprinkling of portraiture ensures that your wedding day flows with ease and equally the story of your day flows within the photographs."

Your blog is fantastic. It allows brides to be to see your previous work. Do you think this helps with potential clients?

"Of course. A couple can gauge whether the photographs and the photographer suits them. A photograph is more than clicking a button. There is an art to taking a picture and an art to making a picture. Blogs showcase both. My photographs are about moments that when put together weave into a story."


Do you have any favourite photos?

"It is very possible to capture love. I see a part of me in all my photographs. My personal favourites are those of my two young children. My photographs are like children to me. I have so many favourites, for so many reasons. From when Diane's father had his hand on his daughter's shoulder soon after she was married to the look in Craig's face when Jessica stood next to him. They are all about love, emotion, a moment."

Have you had any demanding brides or unusual requests?

"Yes but nothing that couldn't be catered for. When couples meet me it is crucial that we get on and that they understand the way I shoot a wedding day and the stories I produce for them in an album or video. It is essentially the service that they will be receiving if they hire me. I will want to understand their needs. My hope is that what I offer fits neatly with what a couple wants. It's the perfect match. It may well be that I am not the right photographer for them. For example my style may not suit a more traditional style that a couple is looking for. In that case, I am more than happy to recommend another photographer who would suit them better. It is very important to me for people to like the way I tell a story rather than hiring me simply as a photographer. Equally important is that couples walk away happy whether they hire me or not."

Can you give us an idea of prices?

"My collections & prices tend to get reviewed every 6 months. Currently, my base collection starts from £995. This includes selected images from the day, with basic lighting and colour corrections on disc with print rights. Larger collections contain hand crafted photographs for inclusion in your story book."

 Where can our readers meet you? And do you have a website?

"Readers can meet me for some flavoursome coffee or tea (PG tips I’m afraid) in Wrea Green where they can view my collections, see more of my work and discuss their needs. As an introduction to my work, my latest work can be viewed via www.shutterleaf.co.uk/blog.

My portfolio can be see at www.shutterleaf.co.uk"


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